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Vendor Assurance Service

It is much more cost effective to keep a customer or supplier than to spend the time and energy finding a new one.

Business Capital provides several services, including a vendor assurance program, aimed at fortifying your financial position and allowing your business to move supplier and customer relationships forward on stronger footing with improved communication.

Business Capital can help your company increase sales, stay competitive and keep relationships strong.

When a business hits a rough patch and can no longer access short term credit from their lender or sponsor, the business will inevitably lean on their suppliers and vendors by not paying them within their originally agreed upon terms. This breach of contract creates stress, fatigue and eventually destroys the credibility of the borrower as more promises will be made and then broken. Business Capital can re-open previously closed trade relations by deploying our proprietary Vendor Assurance Program and successfully securing new credit agreements with critical suppliers, renewing trade channels, restoring credibility and preserving relationships with critical vendors. We insert credibility and objectivity into each interaction and every discussion we have with creditors. Our goal is to amicably resolve the issue to everyone’s satisfaction. We do this by getting your creditor paid, as well as getting you back on reasonable credit terms, not cash-on-delivery or worse.

Give your suppliers a sense of comfort and,  in turn, receive more working capital and more time to pay.

Our Supplier Guarantee Program and Vendor Assurance Service offer businesses  a more flexible alternative to Purchase Order Funding, while bridging a gap between traditional accounts receivable financing.  Your company will be able to seize new business opportunities that may not have been previously achievable, due to a lack of available credit from suppliers  or other business financing sources.  The programs we have designed provide vendor and supplier payment guarantees,  vendor and supplier credit guarantees, and will ultimately support relationships and provide flexibility and buying power throughout the sales cycle.

How does Business Capital’s Vendor Assurance Program work?

Business Capital will develop an understanding of each creditor relationship by conducting an analysis of your company’s particular situation and challenges. We will tailor and implement an amicable solution to benefit all parties involved.  We provide ongoing commitment that will allow previously stressed relationships to move forward in a stronger manner with increased trust, communication and credibility.

“Business Capital is particularly helpful at stages when the creditor/lender dialogue is at complete impasse. Business Capital takes over for the company and actively works the negotiation.”

President & CEO, Technology Co.

We have a long-term, proven track record of success in creating flexible funding solutions to re-capitalize businesses and in restructuring debt. Our firm has an excellent reputation in the industry and an expert team of professionals ready to provide customized solutions to meet a particular business challenge, solve balance sheet problems, and provide maximum recovery for all stakeholders.