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Business Debt Restructuring

Business debt can cause overwhelming financial difficulties and place a business in jeopardy. Corporate debt restructuring is a productive solution to eliminate the problem and improve liquidity by establishing fair and equitable debt repayments to creditors.

Benefits provided by Business Capital’s Commercial Debt Restructuring program:

  • Avoid Business Bankruptcy
  • Satisfy creditors based on what your business can afford
  • Reduce debt and stretch it out over time into fixed, affordable monthly payments
  • Spend less time dealing with creditors, collection agencies and attorneys
  • Spend more time creating revenue and optimizing your business
  • Keep your doors open and retain management control
  • Avoid unnecessary legal fees
  • Balance your budget and manage cash flow
  • Preserve vendor relations and keep vital supply lines open
  • Rebuild your credit and credibility

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Business Capital Provides Solutions

Business Capital works with companies that are challenged, in transition or distressed due to transactions, market conditions, or growth toward the next stage of development. We work directly with your lenders, suppliers and creditors so you can avoid personal and commercial bankruptcy.  Business Capital will allow you to put your focus back where it belongs – on your business.

Benefits of Working with Business Capital

Businesses grow in cycles that fluctuate with the economy, supply and demand. While most companies enjoy periods of financial security and success, many more go through phases of financial strain and are in need of financial restructuring. You don’t have to face bankruptcy, financial ruin or lengthy court proceedings. You have options. Working with a top business debt negotiation firm like Business Capital can help you get back to business in no time.

We are a full service commercial finance firm with over ten years of experience working with undercapitalized businesses and hyper-growth businesses.  Business Capital has provided services for hundreds of companies and worked with every industry sector in every part of the country. We dedicate the time and attention it takes to tailor our services to your specific needs.

This long history of expertise has established Business Capital as a leading corporate debt restructuring firm. Our firm has a proven track record in achieving exceptional results.We offer you highly successful debt restructuring, negotiation and resolution services as well as access to needed assistance from experienced professionals who understand the issues facing both debtors and creditors. We will negotiate on your behalf and work out payment programs that are satisfactory and realistic to both parties. Our commercial debt negotiation services are less costly, shorter in duration, as well as more amicable and effective than traditional means of resolving monetary disputes.

To learn more about business debt restructuring, our debt negotiation services and how Business Capital can help, complete the simple online questionnaire or call us directly today.

Bankruptcy is not the only solution.

We view bankruptcy as a last ditch option. We pride ourselves in keeping our clients outside the bankruptcy court, while providing most of the relief associated with a Chapter 11 bankruptcy filing.

  • A bankruptcy filing is very expensive. The cost for a Chapter 11 bankruptcy at a minimum, is approximately $75,000.  It is still the case that most small and middle market companies will wind up in Chapter 7 liquidation regardless. Furthermore, estimates show that an average of 75% of all Chapter 11 bankruptcy proceeds go to pay the attorneys and other interested parties, not the creditors. Once a debt moves into the legal arena, more time and money is wasted by business people responding to notices, appearing for hearings, talking with attorneys, etc. Meanwhile, your debt keeps growing. Add the attorney fees to collection costs, interest on the debt, filing fees, research costs, and labor costs. Suddenly that $75,000 debt has ballooned to $100,000, $150,000 or more. In some areas, collection agencies are allowed to increase a debt by 50% on the date it is assigned to them. They can then begin adding interest to the debt. It’s not unusual to see interest rates of 28% to 34% per year!
  • A bankruptcy filing also labels you with the worst possible credit rating and is very public and rigid. The judge ultimately decides which creditors get paid and what amounts they get paid,  while the business owners and executives lose all control.

Our goal is to settle debts to everyone’s satisfaction and do it without going through the legal system.

Now you have options. You decide.

Business Capital’s commercial debt restructuring solutions offer a much better option. We provide most of the relief without the drawbacks associated with a Chapter 11 filing. Business Capital has developed an effective system for the rapid resolution of all categories of corporate indebtedness. Our continued success in this traditionally challenging area has been attributed to our open and non-adversarial approach to creditors. This enables our clients to maintain vendor continuity and retain customers.

At Business Capital we recognize that creditors represent one of the most important relationships for a business. These relationships are often the most fragile as well. Business Capital works carefully with each creditor to insure integrity and good will are preserved. We set the stage to allow relationships to move forward on stronger footing with improved communication. Our intervention gives all parties an opportunity to step back and look at other options for settlement.

We will develop an understanding of your company’s financial situation, and your wants and needs. We conduct an analysis of your company and its creditors and then customize a solution specific to each creditor situation. We discuss possible settlements with our client before we approach the creditors. If you are simply looking for additional time to pay off the debt in full, we’ll explore that option as well.

After our analysis, we will present you with the possible options and solutions. Then you decide. You judge if our proposals and ideas are the best for you.

Be proactive. Don’t wait for the situation to get worse.

To learn more about what Business Capital can do for you, please contact us.