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Real Estate Bridge Financing

What Can Bridge Finance Be Used For?

Bridge financing has quite distinct and individual features offering some very useful advantages over other types of secured funding. Our typical borrower is an owner, investor or buyer that is in need of a short-term solution and immediate capital execution. Sometimes a swift closing or restructuring of an asset is more important than saving a few dollars.  This type of bridge loan can often be arranged and fund quickly and the terms are more flexible, allowing you to structure the loan to your requirements. Lending is more often based on the security offered and so credit scoring is not usually or less of an issue.

Business Capital offers acquisition, refinance and short-pay refinance loans with three to 36 month maturities. Typical loan sizes are between $500k – $70 million and is secured by a first trust deed or mortgage.

Required Loan Documents Prior To Funding:

  • Appraisal on Subject Property
  • Full title Policy on Subject Property
  • Executed Loan Documents
  • Borrower Personal Financial Statement
  • Borrower Credit Report
  • Three months personal bank statements
  • Two years personal tax returns
  • Rent roll (if applicable)

In a changing market and economy, Business Capital actively looks for and pursues new opportunities to provide innovative, customized lending solutions to our clients.