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Purchase Order Funding

Striving to fill satisfy your clients and grow a successful business but don’t have the up-front working capital?

Purchase order financing can be a solution to fuel your business with the cash you need to deliver your orders, satisfy clients and grow your business.  PO financing enables you to make sales that exceed your current financial capabilities.

Benefits of PO Funding:

  • Deliver orders without depleting working capital during critical business stages such as business turnaround
  • Close big sales and fulfill large orders with minimal cash flow
  • Satisfy customers, pay suppliers and increase sales
  • Fund at a small cost versus the cost of not being able to engage in the transaction
  • Provide a platform for growth without exceeding current financial capabilities
  • Obtain financing faster and easier than traditional bank financing

What you need to know About Qualifying for Purchase Order Funding:

  • Purchase order must be from a creditworthy entity
  • Financial evaluation of your customer and their terms of payment must be sound
  • Client must be able to fulfill transaction
  • Total project will be analyzed to determine risk and viability

How can Business Capital Help?

Business Capital offers a range of innovative, cost-effective and full-service solutions to retain the cash flow your business needs for success.

Business Capital’s  purchase order funding service focuses on the strength of the deal versus the balance sheet of your company. We allow you to keep your focus where it should be – maximizing your business returns and generating new sales.

Don’t let your balance sheet restrict your business growth. Let us facilitate the letters of credit and simple, customized financing your company needs to allow you to take advantage of opportunities without worrying about the bottom line. Our experts have seen thousands of unusual projects and funded a high percentage of those. Typically, we can structure a purchase order program within 24 hours of receiving your information. We can also provide you with financial services during other phases of a company’s life span, from start up to business wind down.

To learn more about how purchase order financing works and how Business Capital’s services can help, complete the simple online questionnaire or call us directly today.