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Inventory Finance

Does your business have cash flow issues? Business Capital can help you put the assets on your balance sheet to work.

It takes money to make money.  If you don’t have the working capital you need, your business won’t achieve its full potential. Small businesses often generate orders faster than receivables and that stock pile can become a liability. By financing inventory, your business can free up cash tied up in product and get access to a line of credit.

Does your current credit facility have a limit on inventory borrowing? Does your business have more inventory than receivables? If so, your company has not realized its full borrowing potential.  Business Capital will secure inventory financing on your existing materials or product to supplement your receivables line of credit so you can focus on critical, revenue-generating opportunities.

Advantages of Inventory Financing:

  • Meet your customer demands
  • Take advantage of vendor discounts
  • Make seasonal purchases
  • Pay suppliers in advance or on delivery

Inventory Finance is right for you if your business:

  • Needs more cash flow
  • Must keep some capital free for other expansions or investments
  • Has tangible raw materials, work in process or finished goods
  • Maintains high levels of inventory that ties up much of your cash
  • Has a high inventory turnover rate but is short on the cash needed to replenish supply
  • A proven sales and credit history

Don’t limit the growth of your business

Keeping the cash flowing is a perpetual problem for small companies, especially in slower economic times when customers want to hang on to their money. You do the work , ship a product, bill your customers and then often wait anxiously as payment is delayed.  A commercial credit line can help, but if you need a lot of cash on a regular basis to finance transactions, alternatives are limited.

Whether you are a manufacturer, distributor, supplier or wholesaler, Business Capital will help your business keep product moving and cash flowing. We will secure inventory financing so your business can move forward with a competitive edge.

Contact us today to find out if inventory finance is right for your business.