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Equipment Leasing/Equipment Lease Back

Considering an equipment purchase? Concerned about preserving capital?

Don’t let cash flow restrict your business. Equipment Financing can be a strategic way to meet your needs.


When new opportunities arise, you want to be able to take advantage.  The need for additional equipment may be urgent as your business strives to move forward. No matter the size or industry, one thing holds true –  cash flow is the lifeblood of business.

Our competitive and convenient leasing products can often be a better alternative to a cash purchase or conventional loan. Financing equipment acquisitions can often make business sense even if your company has large cash reserves.  Cash flow becomes predictable and justifiable. Rather than tying up precious working capital or bank lines, let the equipment benefits pay for the equipment.  Instead, let your cash reserves and borrowing power work to fund future success.

Business Capital offers a range of innovative, cost-effective and full-service solutions such as an equipment leasing and equipment lease back to get what you need for success and still keep the cash flow in your business.

Benefits of equipment leasing:

  • Preserve working capital and credit lines to invest in your business growth
  • Get an answer fast and your equipment when you need it
  • Streamline your budgeting into one convenient equipment leasing package
  • Take advantage of flexible, customized, 100% equipment financing
  • Capitalize on tax deductions for up to the entire cost of operating leases
  • Manage your assets by avoiding the risk and cost of equipment ownership

Experience the benefits of working with Business Capital:

Business Capital offers you extensive capital resources, a broad range of programs, and the expertise to make your business financing and leasing needs fast, easy, affordable and just right for you.

The reality is that if you structure this type of equipment financing properly it’s the ultimate business financing solution to a temporary business challenge.

In this tough economic climate, it is no secret that the sale and leasing back of business assets becomes more popular. The strategy is many times a positive and good decision, because you are freeing up cash that is sitting in fixed assets that are not utilizing their maximum earning power for your business.

Your balance sheet also improves at the same time because your overall debt to tangible net worth improves when utilizing a sale leaseback financing, and your write off (depreciation) and financing costs are also lowered at the same time.

In some ways, this method of business re financing is an alternative and creative strategy. What your firm does with that additional capital is of course your decision – it can be used for general working capital purposes, a down payment on new and required assets, or to retire additional debt or loans that you might be carrying on your balance sheet. If you can use the new freed up capital to increase revenues and profits that is simply an additional benefit.

Don’t let cash-flow restrict your business growth!

Instead, let us provide you with a financing package tailored to meet all of your equipment leasing & financing needs including machinery; vehicles; computer hardware and software; telephone systems; installation and maintenance services; and even the equipment warranty.

To learn more about Business Capital’s exceptional services and your project finance options complete the simple online questionnaire or call us directly today. Our objectiveis to help you begin raising capital to get the equipment you need to get the job done – without hassle and without putting a strain on your finances.