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Accounts Receivable Financing

Are long billing cycles putting a strain on your cash flow?

Accounts Receivable (AR) Financing allows your company to access the capital it needs immediately to smooth out cash flow cycles. Whether it’s to meet ongoing payroll needs or to purchase the raw material necessary to manufacture products, you need daily access to a dependable source of capital.

What are some of the benefits of Accounts Receivable Financing?

With AR Funding, your business can:

  • Gain immediate access to capital
  • Make no payments and create no debt, unlike a traditional bank loan
  • Take advantage of vender discounts
  • Replace higher cost factoring fees
  • Supply a steady source of flexible working capital to your business
  • Increase sales through credit extensions
  • Receive a larger line of credit than available through traditional sources
  • Purchase more inventory
  • Free up resources and focus on productive activities, such as selling and growth
  • Eliminate long billing cycles and the hassle of collecting money
  • Spend time building your business instead of collecting from slow paying customers

Take the worry out of qualifying – a receivable credit line is based on the financial strength of your customers.  Finance as much or as little as you want – you are in control!


How can Business Capital Help?

Business Capital provides a range of innovative, cost-effective and full-service solutions and asset based loans, such as accounts receivable financing, to help our clients gain access to funding and maximize business opportunities. We can customize a program to help you finance the growth of your business without creating debt. The flexible funding from an accounts receivable credit line allows you to use your assets as collateral for quick access to working capital.

Accounts receivable financing is a method your business can use to convert sales on credit terms into immediate cash flow. By monetizing your outstanding invoices or receivables, we help you get your money when you need it, instead of waiting 90 days or longer for payment from your customers. In addition, outsourcing your accounts receivable management frees up your own resources and allows you to keep your focus where it belongs – accelerating business growth.

Experience the benefits of working with a highly reputable Commercial Finance Firm:

“Business Capital was a pleasure to work with.  Their team quickly understood our client’s consumer finance business model and needs, identified several potential institutional capital sources,  and assisted with the transaction right up through the closing. We look forward to working with them on more deals in the future.”

Ian McNeil, Principal, Brennan Capital Partners

Business Capital offers extensive capital resources, a broad range of services and the expertise to meet your business financing needs: we are fast, easy, and affordable. Don’t let cash-flow restrict your business growth — let our experts provide you with simple, customized financing that will allow you to maximize opportunities. We will work with you to secure a competitively priced financing package that will be in line with your company’s needs.

To learn more about an accounts receivable line of credit and how Business Capital’s services can help, complete the simple online questionnaire or contact us directly today.