Business Debt Relief

If you are continuously dealing with creditors and vendors during business restructuring, when do you have the time to generate the income needed to pay them? Debt can rapidly become a vicious cycle from which it can seem difficult to escape. Anything — from a delay in production to a fluctuation in the market — can cause unexpected debt to be accrued, placing companies in precarious positions. In many instances, owners feel trapped with no visible solution and falsely believe that bankruptcy is the only solution.  As appealing as bankruptcy may seem in certain situations, it can often spell the end for a company.  Corporate debt restructuring and reduction are far more effective business debt relief solutions that can get your company back on track towards financial security in less time and with less expense and risk to your business. At Business Capital, we provide bankruptcy alternatives and business debt relief via our vast array of comprehensive services. We customize a plan that will improve cash flow to your business by reducing debt and bringing in new financing, if necessary.

Instead of spending valuable time fighting and negotiating with your creditors and vendors, let us handle it. Our amicable approach to corporate debt restructuring and expertise in this field not only allows you to get back to the important job of running your company, but also allows us to rebuild the lines of communication you need to be successful going forward. In as little as three months, we can design, negotiate and implement deals with your creditors that could allow you to reimburse as little as two to three percent of your debt per month.

Since we work on a 100 percent contingency fee, our clients don’t need to worry about accumulating additional debt through our services.  Most importantly, unlike many of our competitors, we don’t simply take over your company.  We work with key stakeholders, assess needs, and leverage assets making them financially stronger and more secure, which is the most valuable form of business debt relief.   We can also offer a chief restructuring officer, a specialist with a detached perspective, who would work in the same cooperative capacity directing the process from within the company.

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