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Business Workout & Turnaround Management Consulting

A successful business workout requires vision and skill.

Success demands a clear path to results. Working alongside management of a troubled or underperforming company, BizCap’s workout, turnaround and interim management consulting solutions help develop a strategic restructuring plan that addresses challenges and opportunities, and builds on the core strengths of the company.

Your successful turnaround is our mission.

If your company is facing challenging circumstances, our team of professionals can help.  We offer strategic corporate financial restructuring, business workout, turnaround and interim management consulting to complement our other services. Business Capital provides a uniquely holistic approach towards ensuring your goals are achieved. Our business workout, turnaround and interim management solutions address the full spectrum of challenges each particular company might be facing.  Instability of  capital structure and financial distress can come as the result of both internal and external change. Whether these challenges come from inside or from outside stakeholders, creditors, customers or all of these constituencies, our firm is dedicated to ensuring finances and operations are stabilized and stronger so your company can move forward on better footing and with enhanced value.

Versatility, expertise, and dedication to client service produces optimal results.

Business reorganization and restructuring can be complex.  Making effective adjustments can include leveraging the value of assets, negotiating with creditors and raising additional capital as part of the strategy to reestablish stability.  Our firm’s business solutions focus on the unique strategic, operational, financial and capital needs of each of our clients. Our broad based experience across every industry and situation allows us to develop and execute creative and inventive strategies and provide maximal benefit to our clients and their stakeholders.

Our team brings strong industry expertise coupled with an extensive track record of providing innovative, customized liquidity solutions that have helped countless companies clear a range of diverse financial hurdles quickly and effectively. Business Capital  works with your company’s management to develop a viable financial restructuring plan that not only makes sense for your business, but that you can execute. We provide our clients with realistic, effective solutions and the guidance to implement them.  Our Chief Restructuring Officer (CRO) is there for every aspect of the turnaround process from beginning to end.

Business Capital Value Added

  • Assess the viability of the company
  • Negotiate with creditors, vendors, suppliers and existing capital providers
  • Reorganize and restructure financial burdens so they are manageable
  • Assist in the creation of turnaround and financial restructuring plans
  • Deliver commercial financing alternatives to specifically address your company’s needs
  • Advise management, boards, lenders, investors and other stakeholders on business restructuring plans
  • Provide interim management consulting (CRO)
  • Implement compassionate downsizing and cost-reduction plans, develop and apply processes to optimize revenue and margins, manage complex relations and communications

Distressed, troubled or under-performing companies face challenges on multiple fronts. These companies turn to us for help.  Business Capital is recognized for fast, cost efficient and strategic business workout and turnaround plans, business bankruptcy alternatives and financial restructuring products. Working with lenders and other stakeholders, Business Capital will improve the profitability, liquidity and cash-flow performance of your business.  We develop and implement turnaround plans for our clients that produce effective, long-term results.

Our goal is always to reorganize outside a formal legal proceeding. If needed, we are prepared to provide business reorganization and financial restructuring solutions for distressed clients as they evaluate their options within a bankruptcy process.