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Why Choose Us


Our interests are totally aligned with our clients; your success is ours. But, don’t just take our word for it. Our vast network of satisfied clients and partners will tell you the same.

“BizCap is a phenomenal partner to have amid the turbulence that sometimes happens to a business. They were there for us when we had an unexpected downsizing and had to reconfigure our finances and financial plan. Chuck Doyle and his team stepped up and helped us right the ship and move us positively forward. Then, when the Covid-19 work rules impacted the entire economy and our business, BizCap jumped in to help us find a lender as our bank was not a participant in the SBA lending program. Almost overnight, BizCap made the difference after weeks of stress. BizCap has always been there, prompt and solid to their word.” — Frank D. Pond, Principal, Pond North LLP


“Business Capital executed a disciplined process which resulted in multiple term sheets from prestigious banking institutions, putting us in a strong position to negotiate the best rates, terms and lending partner to support our company and growth.The BizCap team was experienced, professional and great to work with, leading us through the entire process to the best deal and fit for our firm and allowing us to focus on our business instead of trying to navigate unpredictable markets, which is far from our core competency.” — Jay Shukla, CEO and Founder of Nivagen Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

We turned to BizCap to arrange financing for a rapidly growing portfolio company that needed to build inventory in the U.S. quickly in order to respond to new customer orders. At that time, my firm was at capacity trying to close another acquisition, and we knew that arranging financing in the U.S. for a growing company with a foreign credit facility that needed to remain in place would be labor intensive and require considerable sophistication. Chuck, Reed and the BizCap team got up to speed quickly and were in the market within weeks. BizCap marketed the financing far more widely than we would have done on our own and secured a significant number of competitive term sheets from bankers we had never heard of. BizCap managed the company’s expectations throughout the process while balancing the competing interests of multiple lending parties. BizCap’s experience and relationships proved invaluable and we would not have been able to close the credit facility in the time required without their involvement. Without question, BizCap will be top of mind as we allocate resources in the future.” — Craig Stein, Partner, Coastline Capital

“In no uncertain terms, Business Capital saved my business. I’m a self-employed medical professional with over 20 employees and I have worked and paid for every part of my education and the building of my practice. Unfortunately, in the process of going through a less than amicable divorce, I was forced to come up with cash for an intangible asset, my goodwill in my practice. My only choice was to either sell everything at a markedly reduced value or find someone who would lend to me based on my track record and future earnings. I reached out to over 15 lenders, both institutional and unconventional and the reply was always the same, either a full rejection or an offer that was a fraction of the capital I needed to make it happen. My first phone call with Business Capital was the brightest spot in over 18 months of tirelessly looking for financing. Chuck, Reed, Erik and the team at BizCap are literally my superheroes. They put me on track for preparing to show the value of my practice and secured lending options that I had only fantasized about acquiring. Suddenly I was in a position of choosing the lender that I preferred and at unbelievable rates. I cannot thank BizCap enough, they came through in my darkest hour and I am thriving after getting out from the weight of potentially losing my entire practice that I put over 25 years into creating. Thank you again for believing in me!” –– Dr. Richard Schmidt, Medical Director, Nova, IVF

“In a difficult Chapter 11 case that involved a very old covered landfill subject to multiple environmental actions brought by the State of California, Chuck and his BizCap team exceeded all expectations! They secured financing, retiring all allowed secured debt and funded extensive environmental testing which resulted in the successful transition of the landfill to a group planning to obtain final closure and development of the site.” — Tom Willoughby,  Partner, Felderstein Fitzgerald Willoughby & Pascuzzi

“Reed Upson, Chuck Doyle and the entire team at BizCap were excellent partners of Naumes, Inc., providing us with several financing options and helping us navigate a complex financing transaction. BizCap’s rigor, discipline and experience enabled us to secure a new lending relationship, with a valuable partner. It was a pleasure working with the BizCap team and we are very appreciative of their efforts and expert advice.” —  Mike Naumes, Owner, Naumes, Inc.

“This transaction allowed our company to continue to invest for growth. BizCap efficiently navigated a complex process and provided timely support with a network of relationships. In addition, long after BizCap successfully delivered on their mandate for our company, they reached out to us during the Coronavirus pandemic and secured over $1MM in Payroll Protection Program capital. We are appreciative for all of BizCap’s efforts and expert advice.”  — Divakar Tantravahi, Chairman and CEO, Innominds Software.

 “Bizcap came to us with a well-deserved reputation as a firm that gets deals done. By taking the time to understand our unique business situation and then applying a very professional approach to the marketplace, we were presented an outstanding solution. Choose Bizcap, they will deliver.” — Whit Everett, President, Everett Graphics, Inc.

“Chuck and his team at Business Capital were very professional and delivered as they promised. RSG’s financing situation was unique, BizCap found multiple lenders which allowed us to select the one that was the best fit for our firm and situation. Business Capital’s knowledge of the marketplace was an excellent and invaluable resource in aiding our Company’s growth.” — Brian Nerney, CEO, Rotorcraft Services Group

“I referred my client, a public healthcare district that filed bankruptcy and closed its hospital, to Business Capital for financing. Despite the troubled financial condition of the hospital, BizCap generated multiple options for the client to allow them to reopen. Throughout the process, the entire BizCAP team was hands-on, innovative and wholly engaged in our mission and success” — Todd Wynkoop, Attorney, McCormick Barstow, LLP

 “As a Trusted Advisor to private companies, I recently had the good fortune of referring a client to BizCap. Their team of professionals were very knowledgeable, responsive, attentive and genuinely concerned about my client’s needs. and, most importantly, delivered the best solution. My client was extremely pleased with the outcome. and I will certainly work with them again given the opportunity.”  — Patrick H. Flynn, CPA, Managing Director, Private Capital Corporation

“Business Capital secured real estate financing to purchase the stock we needed to take control of our firm. We were impressed with how quickly they grasped our situation, provided us with several financing options and executed a successful transaction. Thank you team BizCap for delivering on your promises and doing a great job all the way to close.” – Tom Knutson, President, Wagner Die Supply

“BizCap assisted one of our clients who had filed for bankruptcy and was in need of debtor in possession financing. They performed beyond our expectations. Their staff was professional, grasped the situation quickly and  underwrote to our clients current situation and future projected financial performance. As a result, they were able to secure previously elusive capital providing our firm the ability to deliver on our clients requests in a matter of weeks. We were totally impressed with their dedication and performance. BizCap has our highest recommendation.” — Richard A Gianello, Partner, Wipfli LLP

“BizCap always provides viable solutions, they never come up empty and the deals presented are always sound, realistic and very competitive. The two executives that I have worked with, Mr. Chuck Doyle and Mr. Reed Upson, are both extremely hardworking, dedicated, and very honest. When these men agree to take on a project, they follow it all the way through to a successful closing.” — Frank Vezer, CEO

“As a successful foreign company, we entered the US market rather naively believing our New Zealand/Australian track record would carry weight. Reality was very different. Primary funding institutions place little value on offshore successes and are averse to risk. This challenge threatened our growth. A fortuitous introduction to Bizcap proved a godsend. They liked our business model and secured a finance partner that understood our company and was able to meet both our short and long term funding requirements.”

— Chris Alpe, President, Founder and Principal, JUCY Group Ltd.

“As private equity investors, we prefer our portfolio company CEOs maintain their focus on running the business. While mission critical, the capital raising process is time intensive and can impair management’s ability to execute in the meantime. We have engaged BizCap on several occasions, and they have capably augmented our management teams during the capital raising process, allowing us to continue driving value in our businesses. We feel the value of a strong team to lead us through the highly competitive and relentless nature of the capital raising process is compelling. We frequently turn to Chuck and his team at BizCap for our needs.”

–Ed McNulty, Managing Partner, Central Valley Fund

“Given the growth financing needs of our business—and the relatively short tenure of our company—it was difficult securing credit from local banks and financial institutions, this despite strong assets, cash-flow, and significant net equity on our balance sheet. These local banks kept telling us they very badly wanted to provide us financing—backed by significant collateral, of course—only to turn around and ask us for one more document or piece of information. BizCap cut through all of this banking fog for us and brought our company several financial institutions and banks that could provide our company’s financing needs in a timely, efficient, and professional manner. We are truly grateful for BizCap’s help and expertise. It has been an absolute pleasure working with BizCap and its entire team of professionals.”

Anthony Mello, CEO, Wholesome Nut Company

Kellton Logo“Reed Upson and the entire team at BizCap were a pleasure to work with during our recent transition to a new banking relationship for our expanding US operations. It was a true partnership that worked flawlessly through the entire process. The integrity, availability and guidance provided by the BizCap team was invaluable in closing the deal on time. Thank you team BizCap for delivering on all of your promises.”

–Srinivas Potluri, CEO, Kellton Tech Solutions

“A big thank-you to the BizCap Team, a true partner! Their expertise is clear and, what I have appreciated the most, is their willingness to mentor and guide us through the process from beginning to end. Due to the complexity and tight deadlines of the deal, we definitely would not have been able to close the deal without Biz Cap. Reed Upson was stellar, supporting key elements of the deal on our behalf when my plate was full.”

— Julie Reynosa, CFO, Rancho Harvest

“Business Capital was incredibly helpful with our recent acquisition. I turned to them after the initial financing structure failed and, within a matter of weeks, they were able to coordinate a rigorous process resulting in successful financing. The Business Capital team was always responsive and highly professional and the Managing Director, Chuck Doyle, remained personally involved and accessible throughout the transaction. Overall, their knowledge and domain expertise shaved months off of the process and, most likely, saved the deal. I have no hesitation in strongly recommending Business Capital and hope to work with them again on my next deal which is already in process.”

-– David Cumberbatch, President & CEO, ECS Learning Systems

“The BizCap team did everything they promised us they would. They helped us to secure the funding we needed and provided us with a variety of options and opportunities and helped us discern what might be the best fit for us. We were extremely impressed with their ability to move the needle for us in a short space of time. We look forward to working with them again in the future.”

— Sarah Dusek, Co-Founder, Under Canvas

 “Many thanks to the BizCap Team for the fantastic job helping AlterG close two new lenders for our business. When no bank was interested in taking on the challenge of our refinancing, BizCap jumped in and 1 month, secured multiple term sheets from credible lenders. In fact, when we closed both lending agreements I couldn’t believe how low the fees were for their efforts. Especially after going through the diligence and closing process together. Looking forward to doing more business together as our financing needs arise.”

— Charles Remsberg, CEO, AlterG, Inc.

“I recently met with a client who had lost all hope. This client’s incumbent bank did not want to renew their existing line of credit and the debt service was severely affecting liquidity, the client thought their only alternative was to file bankruptcy. I recommended that they talk to the Business Capital team before we moved ahead with the filing . The Business Capital team was able to recommend a different loan structure, identify and monetize under-reported assets to secure Sr. as well as Jr. capital take out financing for the client.. amazing! The Client is thriving, and jobs were saved due to the effort of the Business Capital team.”

— Stephen O’Neill, Partner, Dorsey & Whitney

“Business Capital (BizCap) is a capital source delivering creative financing solutions to middle market companies nationwide. Often, banking and the commercial finance sectors are overly formulaic in their approach. BizCap takes a personalized approach with each client, assessing the situation and addressing the specific financing challenge within their vast network of capital partners and expertise in the marketplace. I have known Chuck and BizCap for many years and they continually impress me – they always get it done for their clients. BizCap has created a unique company that provides smart solutions for companies in need of creative, customized financial solutions who don’t fit the typical vanilla approach.”

— Mark Brody, Sr. Vice President, Farmers & Merchants Bank

 “Reed Upson and the team at Business Capital were great to work with, they did an incredible job managing the sell-side process and presenting Speakeasy to a plethora of interested investors in a very short period of time. The BizCap team leveraged their extensive relationships and was invaluable in assisting me to secure the highest value possible for the iconic Speakeasy brand.”

— Bill Brinkman, Partner, Jigsaw Advisors

buchalter-nemer “I have represented lenders that have made loans to clients of Business Capital on multiple occasions. Each of these borrowers had quite complex debt capital structures with several layers of secured and unsecured debt. I was extremely impressed by the way the Business Capital team prepared its clients as credit takers, guided them through the loan process, and managed their expectations every step of the way. BizCap also did a remarkable job of bringing together the various debt holder constituencies to ensure that everyone was working efficiently and harmoniously, so that the transactions could close smoothly and timely. Simply put, the Business Capital team really knows how to get deals done and I hope to have the opportunity to work with them again soon!”

— Anthony R. Callobre, Chair of Bank and Finance Practice Group, Buchalter Nemer

  “From beginning to end, dealing with Business Capital was a great experience. Their knowledge of the marketplace combined with a process run like a well-oiled machine, resulted in a wide range of options customized to fit our company goals.”

— Nick Kuneman, Partner, Kenex Holdings

“From the first conversation with Chuck Doyle, I was confident that BizCap would deliver on their commitment to find lenders to “sharpen their pencils” and give real consideration to provide funding to push our business forward. It became clear early on that BizCap had the right bank in mind for us and we were pleasantly surprised to see the haste in which both moved to make things happen.  Throughout the process, we leaned on the Business Capital team’s experience and input to ensure the terms presented to us were in our best interest.  They were responsive, insightful and our inquires never fell upon deaf ears. They put the right amount of fire under everyone involved to ultimately help us get the exact amount of funding in the time-frame we needed.”

— Bob Jackson, Director, Sol Acceptance

goldline-logo“Ours is a young company and Business Capital was instrumental in helping us secure financing that was ideal for our entrepreneurial style and our rapidly growing business. Chuck Doyle and his team were smart, responsive and dedicated to delivering the capital needed to grow our business and I would highly recommend this firm for any company looking for debt financing.”

Jill Osur, President, GoldLine Brands, Inc.

cpi2_logo (2) “I have owned my business for over 33 years and have never had the pleasure to work with a more committed and diligent team than the professionals at Business Capital. They exceeded our expectations, working nights and weekends, 24X7 successfully on our behalf, leveraging their knowledge, reputation and access to commercial capital. They delivered when others failed and saved us money along the way. It is a privilege to work with these experienced and sophisticated deal makers and I look forward to a continued relationship!”

Harold Jabarian, CEO, CPI Luxury Group

dla-logo “Recently, I had the pleasure of working with Chuck Doyle and the Business Capital team on a distressed refinancing. The borrower had been financed by a notoriously difficult hedge fund lender that was looking to exit the market after the loan matured. It seemed like an impossible situation until BizCap got involved. They quickly established credibility with the lender, canvassed the market, and put together a financing package that the client was very pleased with.”

Eric Goldberg, Partner, DLA Piper

arambel-logo “Business Capital was referred to me by my CPA firm and they were immediately able to wrap their arms around a very complicated financial structure and situation. The highly collaborative and client focused team of experts at BizCap under-wrote, structured and delivered mezzanine financing in record time that, quite frankly, saved my bacon at a critical juncture for my business. I am currently working with them on other opportunities.”

Jeff Arambel, Farmer/Land Developer

Jeffer Mangels Butler & Mitchell LLP “Business Capital was able to deliver a financing solution flexible enough to provide an 8-figure credit facility to take out our client’s commercial bank loan and still provide the liquidity that the borrower needed. We were impressed with BizCap’s immediate grasp of the borrower’s needs, their understanding of the type of financing which would be productive for the borrower, and their ability to effectively manage the due diligence and closing of a complex transaction.”

Dick Rogan & Ben Young, Partners, Jeffer Mangels Butler & Mitchell LLP

“On behalf of the entire team at Sysorex , we are delighted with the way Business Capital navigated our leveraged buyout financing of Lilien Systems. Business Capital produced several options for financing, created competition among the interested funding sources and put in a strong position to negotiate the best terms and conditions. They executed the transaction more quickly and at a lower cost of capital than expected. Business Capital was a pleasure to work with and produced great results and an intelligently structured credit facility.”

Nadir Ali, President of (SYRX) Global Holdings Corp.

 “My experience working with Chuck Doyle and the BizCap team was nothing short of exceptional. Their professional style can be captured with these four words: commitment, performance, honesty, and follow-thru. Job well done!”

— Dave Siegel, President, West Point Advisors

“It’s a pleasure to work with the Business Capital team because they share many of the same attributes that we value at Rabobank: customer focus, resourcefulness, and the ability and sense of urgency required to deliver the optimal financing solution. They have the expertise to evaluate and underwrite deals from the perspective of a lender’s credit committee, which is critical to accelerating our funding process and ensuring a successful outcome for each client.”

Samantha Foster, VP & Ag Relationship Manager, Rabobank, N.A.

 ECB Logo“Evergreen Consumer Brands retained Business Capital after being referred by a trusted advisor. Their team immediately engaged. They worked seamlessly with our staff, asked all the important questions, gained a complete understanding of our business, underwrote the credit, built a robust data room and went to market with a comprehensive information memorandum within 2 weeks. BizCap created an aggressive timetable for delivering sub debt and, true to their commitment, presented multiple offers within 45 days. We were able to quickly and successfully close this transaction within 60 days. On a personal note, Chuck Doyle, Reed Upson and Erik Ostebo are true masters of their craft, hands on, professional and all around superstars.”

Bruce Friedman, Co-CEO, Evergreen Consumer Brands

Tasty Bite Logo  “We engaged with Biz Cap and our interaction with their team members, without exception, was positive and energetic. Their rigor, discipline, honesty and integrity throughout the process helped us stay organized and meet our financial objectives.”

Ashok Vasudevan, CEO, Preferred Brands International /Tasty Bite Eatables Ltd.

Print“The team at Business Capital are highly trained, professional deal makers who have assisted us in a number of successful, out-of-court debt restructuring and recapitalization projects. Business Capital is remarkably efficient and effective in dealing amicably and objectively with a large numbers of creditors. Their assistance in implementing out-of-court debt restructuring plans and financings has resulted in significant reduction in costs and delay, allowing clients that could not have afforded the administrative costs of a Chapter 11 to restructure and continue to operate.”

Karol Denniston, Partner, Squire Patton Boggs (US) LLP

Guber Logo  “It is my pleasure to recommend Business Capital to assist companies that are either in distress or have unique financing requirements. Without the assistance of BizCap our company, Gruber Systems, would have not survived the economic disaster caused by the 2008 financial crisis. Banks were nowhere and most non-traditional sources were beyond our financial ability and size to execute. So, Thanks to BizCap for helping our company get through those difficult times.”

John Hoskinson, Chairman/CEO, Gruber Systems Inc.

“We put our clients’ priorities first, so when we learned one of them needed an infusion of working capital to support their vendor transition efforts, we referred our client to Business Capital to help. The transaction was completed very quickly and this is a great example of a successful collaboration.”

Peter Wentworth, Vice President, Comerica Bank

“The team at Business Capital was fantastic to work with. A true partner, they cared about our short and long term needs and objectives, working quickly and beside us throughout the full spectrum of the process. They took the time to understand our complex global business model and delivered a financing structure tailored to ensure the best possible outcome for Numi.”

Ahmed Rahim, CEO, Numi Organic Tea

Cleanfish small“On more than one occasion, Business Capital has assisted us in securing working capital debt to support the fast paced growth of our portfolio companies. Business Capital analyzed each situation and tailored credit facilities to support their unique needs. The team at Business Capital was both methodical and creative in their efforts, enabling them to identify and present options that did not involve costly equity participation. The result was an intelligent financing structure that exceeded our expectations and will provide the forward momentum needed to propel the companies’ plans for growth.”

Jim Harris, Board of Directors, Cleanfish, Inc./Numi Tea

“Business Capital has become a true partner to PCG, assisting with a number of our portfolio companies. Every time, we have been very happy with the outcome and truly impressed with the quality of their work throughout the process. The team at Business Capital repeatedly delivers customized capital structures that result in the optimal financial solution for each client. Thank you Bizcap!”

Brent Knudsen, Founder/Managing Partner, Partnership Capital Growth Investors

“I’ve engaged Business Capital in numerous advisory and capital raising capacities over the last 13 years. This firm is among the most sophisticated, skilled and deal savvy financial advisors out there. Most importantly, they execute with the utmost urgency and deliver as promised; they stand out in an industry filled with imposters who cannot back up their claims. Business Capital is the real deal and can be trusted completely.”

George Northup, CEO, Memeo

powis “Business Capital provided welcome strategic insight, leadership and focus that enabled Powis Parker to secure a cost-effective financial solution in this fragmented lending market. The pricing and structure of the credit facilities will assist us in attaining our immediate and long-term plan to grow the business.”

Richard Heaps, President & CEO of Powis Parker, Inc.

“Business Capital has supported the Vezer Family Companies for years and will continue to use them as a prime source for business financing. They have helped us grow and obtained more affordable financing than our big name banks could provide. We selected BizCap because of their fair, professional and immediate responsiveness to our needs. They back up their words with action and are a true partner.”

Frank Vezer, CEO

“Business Capital was a pleasure to work with. Their team quickly understood our client’s consumer finance business model and needs, identified several potential institutional capital sources, and assisted with the transaction right up through the closing. We look forward to working with them on more deals in the future.”

Ian McNeil, Principal, Brennan Capital Partners


SBSB Logo JPG“Working with Business Capital was a great experience from start to finish and provided the single most productive accomplishment for our company. BizCap is extremely well organized, responsive and produces excellent results. Their expert team structured and delivered affordable funding in less than 30 days and I give this firm my highest recommendation.”

Joe Willcuts, GM/Finance, South Bay Sand Blasting

CB&T 2I never have to tell a customer or potential client, we can’t assist them because even if they are not a fit for our bank, we can always provide value by referring them to Business Capital. Over the years BizCap has consistently proven to be an extremely resourceful, adaptable and valuable partner.”

Steve Bellicini, EVP/Commercial Banking, California Bank & Trust

“We rarely see analysis and the level of detail which Business Capital provides on the underwriting of transactions. Their high level of professionalism is appreciated.”

Greystone Commercial Services

“Rarely in my professional career have I come across an organization that exists to serve the best interests of a small business, even when there is not a mutual benefit at the time. Our needs did not match the portfolio goals of Business Capital, but that didn’t stop them from helping. Within days, they referred us to multiple partners within their network and we were able to get the capital we needed in a competitive environment. They went far beyond courtesy; it was genuine concern and a desire to serve. If you’re looking for a “partner” in commercial finance, you need not look any further than Business Capital. They have earned my loyalty and I recommend them with the highest praise.”

Jay Seaman, CEO Connectview

“Business Capital came through for Pacific Steel when we were at a critical juncture; they augmented my staff by aggregating and managing a significant number of funding sources. We benefited greatly from their capability to underwrite our credit through the eyes of a credit committee, which resulted in a fluid refinancing process for Pacific Steel.”

Chuck Bridges, Chief Operating Officer, Pacific Steel Casting Company

Vedder Logo Sm“Chuck Doyle and the outstanding team at Business Capital provide top notch service and expertise to clients seeking financing in challenging, hyper growth, distressed or other unconventional circumstances.  They approach difficult credits with a high level of sophistication and adaptability, their brand of lending services is much needed in the marketplace.  We have had the pleasure of working with Business Capital on several deals and witnessed their ability to finance transactions in a variety of situations when procuring funding has seemed unlikely or remote. We certainly value the opportunity to assist this firm, their clients and partners in achieving business objectives. “

Scott Olson, Shareholder, Vedder Price P.C.


“We have worked with the Business Capital team for years and I’ve always been very impressed with their intense focus on helping clients in the most challenging situations – they go above and beyond to do what seemingly can’t be done. Their innovative thinking and intelligence combined with urgency and action, result in a fast, optimal outcome for all parties. I just used Business Capital on a $20MM refinance of a Central Valley grower and land developer – and his team pulled off what can only be described as a “miracle.”

Russ Burbank, Chief Operating Officer, Burr Pilger Mayer

MB Logo - last try“It was a real pleasure to work with the team at BizCap. They took the time to understand our unique set of business needs and delivered customized financing to assist us with our short and long term growth capital needs.”

Ken Martin, CEO, Mike’s Bikes

“Over the yebridge-bankars we have partnered with Business Capital on numerous successful transactions and have developed a relationship based on trust, communication and respect. They differentiate themselves within the industry through their credit acumen, underwriting skills, straight talk and resourcefulness. They deliver results not excuses.”

Lee A. Shodiss, Executive V.P., Manager, Bridge Bank Capital Finance Division

TJLong  “Our client, a leading contractor in California, was faced with unexpected, setbacks related to bonded public works projects which, cumulatively, had a negative impact on profits. The company’s incumbent lender introduced us to Business Capital to secure financing to replace their credit facility. BizCap conducted a thorough analysis of the company and quickly secured conventional financing at an interest rate and structure that was very competitive. I highly recommend the team at Business Capital to companies faced with similar circumstances.”

Terence J. Long, CPA, MBA, CIRA, CTP

Reidel logo “We have worked with Chuck and his team at BizCap on 10 deals over the past 3 years. Every time, the BizCap team has come through for our clients resulting in mutually beneficial, multi-year relationships. I wholeheartedly recommend Business Capital for any clients looking for financing who are in early stage or hyper-growth situations. Chuck is very professional, yet easy to work with. A great partner.”

David Riedel, President, Objective Equity, LLC

avriologo sm  “BizCap’s thoughtful and comprehensive approach was integral in securing the growth capital required to fuel the Company’s business plan. As an equity investor in   Hortau, we were very grateful for the hard work and support from Chuck Doyle and his team in setting the stage for their continued expansion and positioning this Company to enhance its global leadership in the precision irrigation sector.”

Aki Georgacacos, Co-Founder & Sr. Managing Director, Avrio Capital

  “Business Capital is one of the few companies that understands both the art and science required in financing an enterprise. I’ve found they are a results oriented, optimistic and creative partner that you need by your side when dealing with complex financing structures.”

Hap Klopp, Entrepreneur Extraordinaire, founder of The North Face & several other companies

Wood Bros  “We had a great experience working with Business Capital and were pleased with the results they produced for our company. The BizCap team is honest, fair,  hardworking and diligent- they delivered on more than what we signed up for. I highly recommend this firm to any company looking for the best cost of commercial capital available in the market place.”

Don Wood, President, Wood Bros. Inc.

Service West Logo  “I have had the pleasure of working with BizCap to successfully secure the optimum financing solution for three companies facing significant challenges. They understood where the companies had been and was headed, and customized the best structure and cost of capital. This paved the way for the company to move forward with enough liquidity to satisfy all obligations and in a position to take advantage of future opportunities. BizCap is especially well versed in underwriting credit and was able to objectively point out why the perceived risk of the transaction was much less than the actual risk, critical in a competitive lending marketplace. I feel we could not have done it without them and highly recommend Business Capital.”

Scott Shepard, Vice President of Finance, Service West Inc.

hortau  “Working with Business Capital was a great, positive experience for our team.Their insight into the process and professionalism was of critical value. Business Capital proved to be key advisors, moving swiftly and helping us secure the optimum financial solution during this time of high-growth for our company. This investment will help us fuel the business and focus on providing our customers with best-in-class precision irrigation services, during what is a critical time for water resources in agriculture.”

— Jocelyn Boudreau, CEO, Hortau

CVF small  “We have used Chuck Doyle and his team at Business Capital to secure money for  portfolio companies and have been very impressed at their responsiveness and  professionalism. Most importantly, they are relentless in getting a deal closed.”

— Brad Triebsch, Principal, Central Valley Fund

Tasty Bite Logo  “BizCap did an excellent job in first understanding our business and operations to put us in the best position for financing that both matched our company’s funding requirements and values. Their diligence and proactive approach to the process is commendable.”

— Sohel Shikari, CFO, Preferred Brands International /Tasty Bite Eatables Ltd.

BelAireLogo “The service, expertise and partnership extended to BelAire and myself, by all members of BizCap, has been exceptional. Their hard work, integrity and honesty was greatly appreciated and they have my highest recommendation.”

— Christopher Shadix, President, BelAire Displays

Carlson Advisors “Although there are many firms that may appear similar, BizCap is clearly above the rest with their collective insight, experience, integrity, technical and  credit expertise. Not only does BizCap really understand the needs of small business and the unique and challenging financing situations many firms face, but  they  actually care about their clients. Many firms make this claim, but the team BizCap backs it up. I have repeatedly seen this firm do the right thing and put the needs of their customers first. To me, this is the ultimate test of integrity and honesty. They know their markets and are unrelenting in their efforts to find the best financial solution to meet the needs of their clients – they don’t quit.”

— Gerry Michael, CPA, CMA, MBA, Managing Partner, Carlson Advisors – West Coast Division

Boboli logo sm  “Business Capital worked tirelessly with us through a tumultuous financing process and never gave up. They delivered much needed funding that will allow us to ship all of our 4th quarter orders and set us up for success in 2016 and beyond. Kudos to BizCap!”

— Greg Helland, CEO, Boboli International, LLC

  “It was a pleasure to work with the team at Business Capital. Their extensive knowledge of the U.S. debt market was critical in allowing us to establish independence from our parent company and become self-sustainable. This new credit facility will help us manage our working capital needs as we execute our plans for growth.”

— Clint Graham, VP of Finance, Kaco New Energy, Inc.

  “Had it not been for the patience and commitment to the transaction exhibited by Business Capital throughout the sale process, we could not have closed on our acquisition. Chuck and his team represented the best interests of this client throughout the transaction and played a critical role in getting it over the finish line, ultimately saving the company.”

— Robert Spigner, Managing Partner, Canum Capital Management

Service West Logo“I was introduced to Business Capital by my CFO who had successfully worked with BizCap when he was at his previous company. I’m happy to say, our company’s experience with the team at Business Capital was equally successful. They are an honest, hardworking, straightforward firm and delivered outstanding results.”

— Mark Vignoles, Founder & President, Service West, Inc.

assay-advisory“I have known Chuck Doyle and the professionals at Business Capital for many years and am extremely impressed with their ability to help businesses by providing a wide variety of financial services. I recently referred them a client in need of financial help to support the rapid growth of their business. Chuck and his team at Business Capital quickly helped them close a transaction to achieve the ownership’s objectives.”

— Daniel Finkelstein, Partner, Assay Advisory

“A leader should not be in the midst of his forces, but a little distance apart. Otherwise, his outlook will be distorted and he will misjudge the situation as a whole.” – Sun Tzu

What Sets Us Apart

In this fragmented credit market, businesses need and can benefit from an objective team of commercial finance experts to access liquidity. While there may be many firms to choose from, Business Capital sets itself apart with truly excellent customer focus, marketplace knowledge and resourcefulness needed to deliver optimum results. We put power in our clients’ hands and are driving the process from beginning to end to ensure the best options, decisions and outcome possible. We deliver results, not excuses.

What You Can Expect

  • We offer objective input on what is needed for the health of the business,
  • Secure the “needle-in-the-haystack” capital source,
  • Structure a flexible out-of-the-box credit facility, if necessary,
  • Deliver a competitive process to get the most cost effective, intelligently structured capital possible,
  • Leverage our industry relationships and reputation
  • Augment your Company’s staff, providing valuable return on time and resources, and
  • Create urgency and set a rhythm to the deal process and execute through to funding.

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